by Visc.



my days are done
my bones ache
and my blood won't run

it's clear, I see
that though my body is rotten
my mind has got no disease

days all gone
I'm sinking through the ground
fate is drawn
a heartless ruling

smell the fear
attest these horns, I see
you never thought I was real
look around you
touch the walls and dirt
you'll find perdition is real
too real

must be a dream
could be anything
I cannot scream
dreadful delusions
doing their part to set the scene
caught in primordial worlds
(you'll find no absolution)
can't this be undone?

close your eyes
and breathe the air in deep
feel the warmth of the fire
forget your world
your loved ones
you've got me
your love is all I desire
and require

you're gonna learn
there's one contender
you're gonna learn
that I am free
you will present a sweet surrender
and lay it at my feet


released June 29, 2017
Music written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Dylan Fellows
Artwork by Dylan Fellows




Visc. Atlanta, Georgia

Visc sounds like heavy clouds, eager to unleash hell on an innocent field of beautiful flowers. It fondles your heart and soul with the utmost delicacy, while destruction waits patiently for its moment to strike.

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