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'Seasons' is a song written from the viewpoint of time--if time could speak and think. A lot of it consists of Time bragging about all the cool shit that he can do. There is a real message hidden in this song too--I just don't know what it is.

I'm kidding. The real message of this song is to do things now, before you're all old and wrinkled.

I like to think of 'Seasons' as the rap song of this album.


like the wind that gently sighs
and the cold that holds the night
I'm passing by
I'm passing by

like the streams that cease to run
like the blooms dried in the sun
I don't tell why
I don't know why

without a shatter or a crash
I turn the beautiful to ash
when the day is done
all that you hear, all that you see
all that you know, answers to me
when its time has come
its time has come

live now
before I arrive
and weigh you down

live now
before I arrive
and weigh you down
live now
before I arrive
and weigh you down

I bring
the night to every day
the soldier to the grave
and the aging to the faith
I bring
the coming of decay
the crashing of each wave
and the ending to the race


from Seasons, released November 8, 2014
Everything by Dylan Fellows


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Visc. Atlanta, Georgia

Visc sounds like heavy clouds, eager to unleash hell on an innocent field of beautiful flowers. It fondles your heart and soul with the utmost delicacy, while destruction waits patiently for its moment to strike.

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