The Artist

from by Visc.



I had a lot of fun with this song -- probably a little too much fun.
'The Artist' is about the occasional fib-telling, but exaggerated in the classic Visc way. Almost every part of the song changes drastically, and my vocal line gets a teeny bit silly at times. I wanted the song to kind of reflect someone changing their story a lot, since liars often have to pivot to the truth to make their tale a bit more believable.

Anyways, the song kind of talks about the fear that you live with when you tell a lie. Maybe you can't relate, dear reader, but I know there have been a few times in the past that I've told a lie, even a small lie, and then spent days worrying that I would be exposed as a filthy liar.

I promise I don't lie as much as the song says (or do I?!).



I weave words I'm a busy little spider
ooh like a trail of crumbs they lead you to
my perfectly thought out and executed little lie lie

I'm a wordsmith, I plan every single move I ever make
but I don't sleep, I hardly take a break
I fear that they'll catch on, and look into my eyes
and see lies

it's an art, adding color to sheets of gray
without a lie, what would an average man display?
I'm an artist, a con-artist, I'm so damn dishonest
I've gone off of the road
I've gone off of the road
I've gone off of the road
he's gone off of the road

a thousand pounds has made it hard to breathe
and even harder to believe I swear it's worse than it seems

it's been so long, I've forgotten the things I've said
the way of life has left me on a precipice
I may jump off, the landing could be soft
or I could fall to my death
I'll probably fall to my death

he's gonna tell a lie
he's gonna tell a lie
he's gonna tell a lie
he's gonna tell a lie

he's gonna do it
gonna lie again
a lying tongue on one hell of a man
he's gonna do it
gonna lie again
a liar liar fucking piece of shit man


from Hello, Disaster, released March 20, 2017


all rights reserved



Visc. Atlanta, Georgia

Visc sounds like heavy clouds, eager to unleash hell on an innocent field of beautiful flowers. It fondles your heart and soul with the utmost delicacy, while destruction waits patiently for its moment to strike.

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