Young Professional

from by Visc.



I had the idea for this song when my girlfriend Anna and I were walking along the Atlanta Beltline. We saw some well dressed youngins having some drinks at a really cool looking bar that was out of my price range.

It made me think about where I am in life. I'm kind of a failing musician (woo!) still holding on to that one bit of hope, but the corporate lifestyle is looking more appealing every day. So the song talks about that, and takes the role of me reminding myself that I don't want that life (even if I kind of do).

Furry dog Frodo's chew toy can be heard squeaking at 2:25.



so we part again, my friend
you've gone and left me at a bitter end
where'd my heart go? Where is my drive?
they must have left and found a better guy

I was never really good at math
my mind has always found a different path
it's hard to swallow, but clear as day
I better look into my eyes and say

I don't want to be
a young professional
but my body's gotta eat

I don't want to die
looking up and yelling to the heavens why
my life seems incomplete
But i'm close

I always see them in their modern cars
sipping drinks at the expensive bars
telling jokes that I don't understand
living through a life completely planned

driving home so they can watch a show
about a life that they will never know
inside a house for which they probably owe
half of their life and a mountain of dough

I don't want to be
a young professional
but my body's gotta eat

I don't want to die
hanging by a rope made out of ties
but life is rarely sweet
not even gonna try

I don't ever wanna live alone
working for someone I'll never know
but I'm certain that I'll never show
a bit of promise hope for anything anything else


from Hello, Disaster, released March 20, 2017


all rights reserved



Visc. Atlanta, Georgia

Visc sounds like heavy clouds, eager to unleash hell on an innocent field of beautiful flowers. It fondles your heart and soul with the utmost delicacy, while destruction waits patiently for its moment to strike.

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