Dirty Rotten Love

from by Visc.



'Dirty Rotten Love' is my zombie song. I wasn't going to do a zombie song since I'm so damn sick of zombie stuff, but I had the idea to write the song from the viewpoint is a zombie who is just coming back to his hometown, and is really curious as to why everyone is screaming.

The title came from when my buddy and I were driving in the car trying to think of a name, and decided to try to come up with the most country sounding name ever (I think we did pretty well!).


I've been away so long
I knew this place
but now it feels so wrong
for me to show my face
what's with all the screams?
I thought that I looked great
I guess that I look grey

I never did belong
a bird that liked to sing
but had no song
but that was long ago
and now I've found my place
I've got a little gang
my decomposing little gang

and now I know I'm loved
by eight decrepit hunks of meat
we don't have long
the nine rotten, undead elite
I've come so far
since you

Before I fall apart
the sun is heating up my rotten heart
a bloody sludge that pumps
throughout my twisted frame

I still don't like my name
but now you're making noise
I guess I'm not allowed
to be myself
well I will show you and your pals
that your term is just a name
well I'm really still the same
with a little less

I always hungered for you baby
I've had a hunger for you lately
well I've been waiting for this day for so long
so so long.


from The Original Rebels, released September 12, 2013
Additional vocals done by Luke Stapleton, Emily Fellows, and Daniel Clark.


all rights reserved



Visc. Atlanta, Georgia

Visc sounds like heavy clouds, eager to unleash hell on an innocent field of beautiful flowers. It fondles your heart and soul with the utmost delicacy, while destruction waits patiently for its moment to strike.

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